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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 18, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> 80 degrees and sent on all the little bit warmer and palo alto 86 degrees
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mostly upper 80s in the north bay as well. a seventh of, napa mid-80s 84 degrees expected for san rafeal this afternoon. you consider the high pressure that has been keeping a swarm. a chance of sours and jacuzzi on 7 day around the bay forecast. a chance of showers as a starter workweek. the checklist traffic3 rarely seen any vehicles from the nimitz freeway. here a toll plaza no weight at the pay gate top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck under 10 minutes to the maze tortes fremont street this morning. >> a westbound and eastbound
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traffic looks good at the san mateo bridge no problems to contend with. southbound 101 at the golden gate no issues here. however some overnight construction in effect in the northbound direction. you'll be met with that if you are using north on 1 01 to highway one. on our traffic maps still monitoring was down slowing at the altamonte pass. we do pick up some yellow on the roadway centers speeds averaging 45 mi. per hour. the northbound 101 coming out of the coyote valley. looks good. still monitoring and enjoying the green on those low voice center's top speeds. pretty
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much in 50 mi. territory are greater. james. >> 4:20 a.m. is a time a bay area team was denied the opportunity to become an eagle scout after he came out as being gay. skiplanes 2% a petition best-he plans to present a petition. the leader refused andersen's troop to signed paperwork and the team needed to earn him with a resolution of support. a top santa clara
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county health care ministration has been charged with illegal trading for the corruption and drug for cash. he was a pediatrician but allegedly will prescription for commonly abused drugs like cox the cotton. he has been charged with 18 felonies including possession of methamphetamine prescribing
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boycott a castro never looked store in san francisco over an ongoing dispute over iran both lack. the owner of the cliffs for ride the storm is a target of the boycott because of merchant groups decisions regarding flag modifications. the group has maintained a fairly consistent position is keeping the flag raised as
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>> after
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it was not yesterday we were near 90 in a lot of our east bay spot what about today?. expected in those nine is on the board today as well >> there is a red flag morning in place as you can see. in the north about as low as well as the east bay there will be in effect until 8:00 a.m. this morning. the majority of the morning hours. it has an equal start to the morning. you can see clear skies. clear skies this morning but another round of low temperatures as for the overnight the fog will return to the coast we are expecting a call in tomorrow. take a way i the bay shore as well as the north
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bay coastline. in the afternoon it will build a along the coast. the cool down kicking in tomorrow afternoon. ascertain tried now operative all-star today, the answer for cisco mid-50s in san jose 59 in oakland at: 53 in concord conco. you can see by 9:00 a.m. expecting widespread '60s indicated by this bring color on your screen in a woman quickly and get tyson to the north bay. 86 degrees
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in mountain view 91 expected from morgan hill this afternoon would those '90s are year he spent in an areas. upper 80s to
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martinez. located 40 spatial or getting to 83 in oakland 82 in san leandro mid '80s for union city as well as fremont and along the peninsula we're expecting about one tillich'low to mid '8d the north bay getting to about mid to upper 80s 85 in the bottom of 87 expected to runway sensors. the drive 23 minutes out of novato into the city. down to the peninsula of the bay shore relied most low. a quick reminder the san mateo bridge will be shutdown beginning tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. that will last until monday 5:00 a.m.. they will expect to reopen the lanes. the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge will be halted routes. keep in mind is not only impact of this coming weekend was to the same lane
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closures with the same times as we head into next weekend as well james. >> thank you erica bay area baseball the san francisco giants had a rough one in st. louis. giving up game 3 to the cardinals' final score 3-1. the giants with a loss st. louis leads the championship series two-one. it was a web when they're on the field both have great performances on the mount. the cardinals turned one bad pitch by matt came into a to
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run homer that was what they need to take the lead. san francisco did have plenty of opportunities to come back the lead to many runners stranded on base. he is what the manager had to say. >> we will hear from him coming up a little bit later on meanwhile san francisco pd is beginning to patrol games under coveryw 49e coming not give any specific information about the president because of patient confidentiality. they
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learned about him in case last week the resident ashley may have not been beaten or infected in livermore. >> the person did have trouble history to the central valley. so it is possible they were infected someone else. we're not particular unaware we know we have activities the winter is coming at temperatures will decline. we had a number of cases in california this year. we do not have large numbers of biting mosquitoes out. we have not had mosquitos test positive. >> officials searched the residents' property for infected mosquitoes to find any. they have not let us know if the search has turned up positive. 2012 is the second worst year for wes more than 4500 this week including 183 deaths. the lovthe number buster not represent a new wave of activity. california is the second most affect state in the u.s. with 285 cases and
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11 deaths so far this year. bay area air quality match management district officials have come up with a strategy to battle toxic air pollution coming from refineries. officials have set up an 18 month schedule to complete a series of reports and actions and adopting new will to monitor pollution for refiners. that plan is in that test to detect measures over the long term rather than doing a big toxic release like we saw back in august. they will suggest moderate saturday. attended over to our reporter mike felton. >> might have driven by this they have been working on this for a while. >> if you have come through anyone has come commencing the fences and a new set up.
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a very large venue at civic center plaza. you can see the dirt jumps as they come into screen. this is what the whole block looks like. third jobs be indexed by a lot of festivities getting underway. at about 9:30 a.m.. as a foredeck action sports festival with competing in the index of bikes and freestyle by standard jobs and a lot of different sports. you can see city hall in the background. the crews continue to work to get ready to go this morning. this is free to the public. you can come down and watched the athletes. you can see the athletes compete listen to music. the dude store may cause you to make a detour if you drive through here regularly the street in front of city hall is blocked off as was grove street down to larkin. you might want to use some of
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does give you updated on the latest with politics. it is time to hand out awards for the how best of all moments. our reporter covers mos >> this debate did not just raise eyebrows our award for most excited you're close to the guy who treated a naked photos of himself. the two candidates were like gunslingers >> the speaker to the president like your his daddy award goes to >> you will get your chance in a moment are still speaking >> a total of the second >> i'm sorry >> if the words won't come
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out i is will resort to true or false >> not true governor romney >> not true just not true >> absolutely true >> as one broker put it on the web are not and to >> award for flavored rule breaker goes to show obama not because she other hunt of the because during the debate she defied the rules and clapped after the exchange about libya. >> the tale in the for applause was caught on camera blink and you will miss it. fresh from the celebrity surprise endorsement >> barack obama got kudos from his debate performance from honey blue >> how wall though praised the president for his testicular four to two. when it comes to making a point nothing beats all the finger-pointing. >> governor romney here's what we did. >> said your first year.
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>> you sent me to. >> that's not what we do. >> dave and pointed at the moderator. >> and of course the candidates turn their point fingers on each other >> the debate reached a climax with them and i say to what a debate record three-pointer >> if i could have you sit down governor romney thank you >> cnn new york >> will take a break for 40 4:00 a.m. is the time we will be right
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>> and we're back to that will be another hot one brown the bank. a red flag warning in effect for the east bay hills to in the morning hours. kron 4 road along with oakland fire as they kept an eye out for potential hazards. firefighters a barbecue smoke or even using power tools outside pose a thr when it is this hot and it's
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windy with the immunihumidity. this is extremely risky for the sparking a wildfires. the rich and it will be how the find out how hot. >> will james low 90s it will be hot. wickiup to clear skies this morning is a bit breezy the red flag warning is in effect for the north bay aboumountains and east bay hills. it was in the fog return to the coast and slightly cooler temperatures are expected to us where extended forecast there's a chance of rain. taking a look at where temperatures are sitting now livermore is currently at 58 degrees. mountain view 58. upper 50s
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for half moon bay and out so. napa 54. walnut creek at about 57. expecting widespread '60s indicated by the green color on your screen will warm up quickly. by about noon we will see plenty of '80s in afternoon high bring us into the '90s for your warm areas. cooling back down to a mix of '60s and '70s by about 8:00 this evening suppling of those ties will start out in the south bay. upper 80s los for rick 8 c in the north bay we are expecting me to upper 80s
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there. 84 degrees in san rafeal in 87 degrees expected in santa rosa. that's take a look at your 7 day around the bay showing us things will cool off tomorrow. but even have a chance of showers and rain as we start your work week. >> it is the perfect time for everyone to leave the house i'm not looking at any hot spots. yes bedew have overnight construction but other than that the conditions around the bay area. traffic is flowing freely at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. interstate 80 looks good.
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no problem for the nimitz freup the this wealth for westbound 24 southbound 680 of walnut creek into the rest of the san ramon valley. keeping a close eye on westbound highway 4 when of the first boston back up the bay area we are still seeing green on our road we centers there. for the nimitz freeway was down 582 oakland it looks like we have picked up some slow traffic northbound 101 leaving mountain view approaching the dumbarton bridge. i do see some red of our roadways centers gaining speeds below 25 mi. per hour. as for public transit your good to go no place whatsoever for a.c. transit bart as well as age train no. 1. >> firefighters in southern california are battling a small but dangerous and wildfire. it's park yesterday morning outside santa bar concede some of these pictures. firefighters
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had to evacuate 100 homes and businesses were in direct line of the fire's path. local and federal firefighters were called together attacking from the air and ground. cruz has contained 40 percent of the blaze which was about 25 a. in size. one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his leg. right now the what3 something started. you know the drill we do not often hear around the bay. it will help minimize injuries when in actual earthquake starts. awareness is getting out there. a flyer is distributed in downtown oakland calling on residents to take the law into their own hands in advance of the october 25th occupy movement anniversary. next week marks the one-year anniversary of occupied oakland when protesters were removed by
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oakland police from the plaza. it is a story we first told you about yesterday of the kron 41 in news and now officials at zero p there are speaking out about how they plan to handle what could be an extremely difficult situation. >> the flyer reads stand up and defend the great city of oakland. this basically a call for oakland residents to arm themselves with baseball bats and defend the city against anarchists and vandals against a coming occupied oakland protest. the group calls itself defend our oakland movement.
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>> and we're back. a man who used to on a hammock donald's restaurant in north dakota and sold a 21 your zero contain all of the jordan barbecue sauce for $10,000 to a buyer in chicago. the sauce was used on the burger that was sold
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in limited markets in the 1990's when michael jordan led the chicago bulls to six nba championships. the sauce was advertised on ebay. turns out it was worth
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$10,000 not bad for barbecue sauce. >> here's a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. today will be the hottest day of the week expected in
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>> this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning and the bay area heat wave kicks in today. it will be the hottest day of the week and the hottest day that we will see for a while to come. tracking, whether we have our team covers this morning. the start with the red flag warning that is in effect does go to sole reporter jackie sissel is like to talk about that. >> the red flag warning is
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in affect and it is going to be one today. right now it's not the heat that is the problem especially in the oakland hills. you could see the fire danger is an extreme level is windy out here right now. if the humidity is low you can see the shrub in the black ground going. it is supposed tempe u having barbeques unnecessarily. you consider when starting to whip up which makes these conditions dangerous. >> absolutely and how coincidental with the way we
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have the anniversary tomorrow. good morning. it could be a pinch warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. we still have that fire danger of the national weather service to watch just get its supposed to expire around 8:00 a.m. this morning. that is something we will monitor. jackie hit the nail on the head when speeds are around 50 mi. per hour we are seeing guston's a 20 mi. per hour range. we will be monitoring fire danger throughout the morning. it is a relatively mild in terms of temperatures. later this afternoon expect sunny skies temperatures could climb into the low 90s. the changes ahead as fault returns to the coastline later tonight we will see an increase in cloud cover. major changes headed our way we are actually tracking some wet weather of the rising. full details coming up to my next report george. >> thanks erica. pretty good start to the committee on this thursday morning no hot spots. a quick look at the bay bridge shows like traffic. like conditions of
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around the bay area even so for for highway for interstate 58 usually the first to freeways in the east bay that start to bog down. >> thanks a lot george by 02 a.m. news just in to kron for a suspicious death investigation underway right now in castro valley. it is happening and the 24 much aaftee lit up the night sky. conceived reports s-you can see photographs of the pictures--of the fireball. it was seen as far north as
5:03 am
like county. here's something interesting and broke up over the martinez hills there could be some fragments if you hike in the hills look around you may find a piece of rock from outer space. the meteor shower--art is moving to the clout during the showers experts say if conditions are right we could see up to 60 m an hour. >> thursday night football comes to the bay area tonight. severances go 49 as host seattle seahawks in a key division match up. football fans are excited today. the tents are 4 and 2 and tied with arizona for the nfc west lead. it is
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expected to be an intense game. the police part is hoping that intense security will help. a sle you concede a melee with the red and white jerseys people fighting on sunday to mend attacked and stabbed. a third man was when the dallas cowboys jersey. >> we are very active in patrolling and looking for any possible fines of anyone who maybe by then anyway. as always we are addressing are plain clothes officers. we will have plainclothes officers out there monitoring the situation both inside and out of the stadium. >> police are patrolling gates under cover the kickoff for tonight's game is 5:20 p.m.. let's turn our attention to bay area baseball. the san francisco giants a rough day in st. louis today. they gave up came through to the cardinals. the final score 3-1 the giants with the
5:05 am
loss. >> yesterday's game was interrupted by three and a half hour rain delay. the cameras picking that up. those high death cam sure in the rain coming down. it
5:06 am
was the cardinals who turned one bad pitch by mack came in the third inning into a to run home run. that was all they needed to take the lead and they would hold on to leave with the remainder of the game. san francisco had opportunity to come back people were on base but we cannot get across home plate. here's what the it just did not happen for us but the guys battled hard. >> and 4 is tonight at 5:00 p.m.. >> new this morning and a big move by newsweek after 80 years in print newsweek is stopping its print publication and going all digital. this announcement just made this morning the editor in chief of newsweek >> 5:07 a.m. now to can live look at san francisco where
5:07 am
is currently 58 degrees the high will be 77. the big story is how hot it will be in line. we will be right back. as we get into the afternoon we are a lot anticipating
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low 90s for inland communities. could reach the upper seventies were the codast. as we head into tomorrow we will notice changes fault will return to the coastline. was he partly cloudy skies. the cool down will continue into the weekend. as we start the next workweek a cold front pushes through with thcondy are red on your screen indicate where we will see those '90s. things will cool down as we head into the evening hours. again another one evening tour with gusty conditions as well. taking a look a your afternoon high '80s in the south bay. 80 degrees for san jose. 87 in santa clara. could climb to
5:09 am
the low 90s for pittsburgh antioch not walk over and concord 83 in castro valley. another gorgeous day on tap mid '80s for the north bank. 82 degrees expected in vallejo. 82 in downtown san francisco and again our cost spots getting in the mix of seventies are ocean beach and 80 expected in san bruno. for those of you start ot in the mid-70s and your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows we will see a little bit of the cool down to the weekend and that again we have the potential for wet weather as we start the next workweek. >>
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>> and we're back at 510 a in a quick check on gas prices we're still tracking them. looks like they're going down and have dropped 3¢ overnight. the state average is at $4.54 per gallon in san francisco. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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gallon of regular gas. >> to the long that among college student to have hit a record high. about $27,000 and outstanding loans were strapped to the backs of students who graduated last
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good morning and welcome back 5:15 a.m. we have a live look outside is going to be a hot one that is our big story right now. on the left you consider a live shot from mount tam on the
5:15 am
right is clear over at the bay bridge approach as well. clear is the word and hot high erica. >> good morning we do have hot weather on the way in some spots today to be the warmest of the week. as a ticket out size of the mount tam cam it is starting to shake around we have cgusty conditions. 48 degrees ros in downtown san and cisco your waking up to 64 degrees whether i do want to remind everyone we have a red flag warning in effect
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connect because of i'm still not getting any sounded
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>> welcome back. the death toll in the meningitis has risen to 19. for more people have died this week. there are two ordered 47 cases in 15 states. from a fumble meningitis. this outbreak has been tied to a tainted
5:26 am
medication from this pharmacy in massachusetts. >> police have arrested a 21 year-old man on charges that he plotted to grow up the federal reserve building in manhattan. he is from bangladesh. he tried to detonate a fake bomb. he was on a student visa and pretended and in school and misery. school an--in missour >> once they discover those five bodies inside of a bar they are still trying to figure out what happened. there is nothing to indicate the is was a murder-suicide. they have identified the five people that were dead including one of the bar owners. no arrests have been made. team
5:27 am
coverage on the weather. to get you ready it is going to be hot. at the san mateo bridge and in livermore is 55 degrees in lookit the difference. th
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>> welcome back. 5:31 out of the east bay there is a suspicious death with an investigation in castro valley. let me show you on google earth 2400 san carlos ave. this is near a coal the sec with hoses all around. fire started a round midnight and it is a male. this house is very cul-de- sac. -it is near a cul-de-
5:30 am
sac. however it does not look like he died because of a fire they are calling this suspicious. we do have a news crew on the way. we will bring you the latest from those reports from that 2400 san carlos avenue in castro valley. >> how hot it is going to get today. be ready. taking a live look at the walnut creek. 680. the visibility looking great and the heat is on it. >> yes, and other beach day on tap. and dtemperatures in the upper 70's believe it or not with the 90's for the inland valleys. clear conditions with no fog to contend with. expect blue skies and another warm/hot day. some locations could
5:31 am
even see fog. however, several days off and take a look of the afternoon high. 90's in antioch. 90's in livermore. 80s in san jose. 77 degrees and the lease to the a gorgeous day on tap. what the weekend will look like in my next report. george? >> this overturned accident on the san mateo bridge. it is on the approach highway 92. but it is in the commute direction. just between the toll plaza it flipped over and it is blocking the left hand lanes. this will slope traffic but not on the bridge but on 92. a leading out to the span. this is
5:32 am
pointing west from the toll plaza. this traffic is not impacted. however, 92 coming from hayward and the nimitz is already starting to back up your in the westbound direction. if you want to avoid that you speak on bart and or the bay bridge. again it is not likely to have the same impact as the accident because this is not on the bridge but it is on the roadway leading to the bridge. >> 5:33 the bay area and pulse of california has seen quite a show it was last night's meeting o--me fireball r shower. many people even reported a large boom as far north as lake county and a seleven reported south. of west
5:33 am
nile. first, let us talk about contra costa this was discovered in livermore this first case they are expected to survive and they are okay. health officials cannot give specifics about the resident because of confidentiality. we did a chance to speak with the element of mosquito record control district. they learned of this first human case late last week. the resident could not have contracted the mosquito there. >> they had trouble in the west valley so there could possibly happen contraction there. we are on the dome slope with the temperatures decreasing. we know the we
5:34 am
do not have large numbers of biking mosquitos. we have not had any mosquitos testing positive we are on the downside. >> officials have searched the residence and neighboring areas. we're still waiting. >> another person with the third person in a contra costa county. along with it human case for more dead birds - four more. brentwood and other areas. >> however it is still warm weather and mosquitos are all there is a we are asking the public to be diligent. to make sure they do not have standing water or any standing water should be reported. >> the contra costa will search and treat but this is the season when it eighth rock. the best way to avoid
5:35 am
is prevention against mosquito bites. 2012 is the worst year ever for the west nile virus in the united states. the cdc saying that it was 4500 this week including 183 deaths. they do not represent a new case but there are more information provided to the cbc from reporting with 285 total and 11 deaths. from the -- cdc. >> the civic center...the extremem sports. mike, it looks like it's pretty intense. >> it takes over the entire
5:36 am
civic center plaza. you can see the jump sites. this opens later. officially at 2:00 p.m. it is free. there are athletes out here for the next four days for the weekend. with bmx bikes just to show you how large this is. you can see more events going on as this is setting up. this is the first time san francisco has played a host. it could force you to detour. a couple of streets are blocked off this is immediately in front of city hall as well as road streets. if you come through the area or are coming through this area over the next couple of days. perhaps used more side streets. at any possible
5:37 am
traffic congestion. as you can imagine there is quite a few people packed. james, i can tell you that even if your coming down here for the next few hours. even if you are stuck in traffic. you could still see these bicyclists and stunt cyclists in the air. >> that is part of my commute and i've seen them setting that up heavy equipment being used and traffic has been a little bit sluggish for a while. >> exactly. they brought and a lot of equipment and it takes a lot of effort to put this and and it is specifically, that it took so long is that there is a san francisco supervisor criticizing this event. that it took and a corporate amount of time. causing traffic police. with traffic impacted -- because
5:38 am
of the excess of time this talk to set up. excessive setting up time.
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5:41 am
>>this just in to the kron 4 news room 388,000. with this huge number of jobless claims. this week it reported a significant increase as a protest delayed applications. we could see how this will impact the market's speaking to rob black our business expert at 6:4:05 a.m. there is a lot still coming up.
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>> there are too hot spots for the first on the lower bay bridge there are two different hotspots. north of willow road with a multi- vehicle accident and there's only one lane open in the middle. the 1, 2, fourth lane are blocked. they think that at least one or more lanes are going to be blocked for at least 30 minutes. these are problems formed the 101 northbound. still is going to be a problem. middlefield road could be used as a reroute. however it is probably better just to stay off the freeway. this is not the only issue this is near the san mateo bridge. there is a
5:46 am
vehicle overturned. because it is not on the span it is backing up traffic because the traffic sensors are updating. you do not see the backup because take a look at the bridges span however it is clear. in fact if anything this will help the traffic because you are not able to get to the bridge because of the industrial backup. try to get to the toll plaza. the bay bridge west palm looking decent. and the metering lights the west-bound for the bridge looking decent. from marin county and also both lanes on each side looking decent. >> a developing story with castro valley investigators are looking at is suspicious deaths. we promised that would have a live report and will tran has the latest.
5:47 am
>> james, they are expanding the crime scene. with more investigators that are right in front. and they have pressed us back toward you can see investigators are focusing on the house. it is the dark. however othe used to neighbors believe that the body that was found inside. the two-neighbors along to a retired san francisco firefighter. he lives there with his grandson. and another said that he lives there with his girlfriend. we are still trying to track down more details from the alameda county sheriff's department. this adult male that was at the house at 12:30 a small fire broke out. the alameda county fire department came
5:48 am
out and in the process of the discovered the body. we passed why are the investigators here? this is however suspicious in nature. we're hoping to hear from the public informational officer. and a state to and we will have the latest in formation. >> is that just a cul-de- sac or is this entire neighborhood? >> this is a dead end. it is narrow they have been dispatched to bring in more investigators. you can see the crime scene tape. we expect them to be here for several more hours. it does not appear that it has sustained major damage that is when they discovered the body. we do not know the
5:49 am
circumstances but because this is a small fire in is suspicious. >> coroner? >> not yet. usually they will comment after investigators to collect the evidence. that is one the country coroner. will be the last so they do not compromise existing evidence. >> thank you, will tran. >> 5:50. we have coverage of the heat wave. this is going to be the hottest day. even above 90 degrees possible? >> that is correct. right now, there is a cool start with 56 degrees in palo alto. especially chilly in
5:50 am
the north bay. and we are also keeping our eye on a red flag warning. into effect for the national weather service is extending 1 until 8:00 a.m. later today. for the east bay hills. we could see wind speeds between 8-20 m.p.h. gusting. the wind with the relative humidity. does not -it does action create a real high fire danger indicated by the red. and it looks like that wind will die down and speaking of this afternoon with yellow indicating 70's by this afternoon. and early evening. if you have plans
5:51 am
and tonight you'll probably are not going to need any jacket or sweater because it is probably still going to be warmer toward the expect plenty of 80s in the south bay. mountain view. 85 expected in fremont. we will be warmer in campbell. check out pittsburgh, antioch. 80s in san leandro and another court to stay on tap for the north bay. 87 degrees with a number gorgeous day another court to stay expected. seven is expected for daly city and for those of you going to the forty-niners game? 5:20 temperatures will be in the '70s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay partly
5:52 am
cloudy for this weekend and some possible cooler weather starting next week >> 5:52. stay with us
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>> ashton kutcher is none of the highest paid television actors. $24 million between may 2011. that is no where near the $40 million that charlie sheen is made. and former " house " story and ray romano earned $18 million. >> he is retired. >> this man who used to own a mcdonald's sold a 20 year-
5:56 am
old container of mcjordan barbeque sauce and it did not work out that well. and i am just a little but questioning this. it went for $10,000. >> who is going to pretend thousand dollars for a bottle of barbecue sauce? it is going to go at $10,000. this was one michael jordan led the chicago bulls to six consecutive nba championships. he liked the burger with pickles and barbecue sauce and... i don't think that is quite like a bottle of wine we are going to take a break. when we come back we will peak heading out to castro valley. this suspicious
5:57 am
death continuing to be investigated. >> and the latest on sports. with the heat wave coming up. for the inland and the east bay your full forecast, coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> this is from castro valley in the east bay. there is a suspicious suspicious death. the 2400 block of san carlos avenue in castro valley. take a look at the cluster of homes near the cul-de-sac. will tran. the police tape you can see and they are investigating. >> the


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